Lesbian Ulster police couple to have civil partnership

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

A lesbian couple in the Ulster police are set to have a civil partnership, according to reports.

Sources in the Greater Belfast based force told the Belfast Telegraph that the pair would tie the knot in the North of England some time in the next two weeks.

One officer told the paper, “They’ve been in a bar in Belfast during the week buying drinks and a number of colleagues have been invited to a hen night in Newcastle.

“They’re in no way inhibited about their relationship and everyone serving with them is well aware of their celebrations.”

Their union reflects work by police in Northern Ireland to become more gay friendly.

The service’s corporate information manager, Michael Ross, recently said: “There are policies in place and being enforced to ensure that gay or lesbian officers have a supportive environment, regardless of their sexual identity.”

Last February a study claimed that lesbian and gay officers rarely come out to their colleagues, although those still not open about their sexuality still face abuse.