Homophobic bullying targeted in Manchester

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

The Liberal Democrats launched their Stop Homophobic Bullying Petition in the North West last weekend to coincide with Manchester Gay Pride.

John Leech, Lib Dem MP for Manchester Withington, brought the initiative to Manchester, aiming to clamp down on homophobic bullying, encourage anti-bullying policies and training teachers how to deal with it.

The petition is supported by an Early Day Motion calling for action against homophobic bullying, Mr Leech said: “Homophobic bullying affects many pupils, teachers and school staff whether they are lesbian, gay, bisexual or straight and can cause lasting harm.

“It is time that the Government had a clear strategy to stamp out homophobia in schools. I am proud to be launching the ‘Stop Homophobic Bullying’ Petition in the North West at Manchester LGBT Pride – a petition which outlines clear measures that the Government can promote to end this scourge in our playgrounds and classrooms.

“I urge you to sign our Petition and support the campaign to stamp out homophobia in schools.”

The petition on the Liberal Democrat website has been signed by over 2000 users so far.

Since the petition the Government has awarded gay charity Stonewall with a tender to produce guidance on tackling homophobic bullying in all schools which will coincide with their Spell It Out campaign.