Muslims oppose celebrating Mercury’s gay lifestyle

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Zanzibar Muslims have objected to a party honouring the late Queen lead singer Freddie Mercury’s 60th birthday, claiming his gay lifestyle is offensive to the community.

The island’s Association for Islamic Mobilisation and Propagation, who want the semi autonomous part of Tanzania to be ruled by the Qu’ran, claim that a celebration scheduled for next month should be cancelled because it is an offensive violation of their religion.

The party has been booked at the Mercury Restaurant, honouring the gay singer’s birthplace but even the government has warned media outlets not to report on the event to avoid offending the large Muslim population, the Associated Press reports.

Simai Mohammed, the restaurant manager, insists the event will still go ahead, he told the news agency, “Our main idea is to promote tourism and Freddie Mercury was from Zanzibar, It’s part of our history.

“We are all Muslims and it’s not our intention to offend any religion.”

Mercury died from AIDS in 1991. He was known and loved across the world for hits like Bohemian Rhapsody and We Are The Champions.