Green is not the only Christian voice

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Condemnation for Stephen Green and his religious sect The Christian Voice is widespread.

Gay organisations and mainstream Christian groups of all denominations are singing from the same hymn sheet against Mr Green.

Gay and Lesbian Humanist Association Secretary George Broadhead described Mr Green as worse than 1960s family values moral campaigner Mary Whitehouse.

The Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement described Mr Green as a “pernicious nuisance.”

The Church of England criticise Mr Green’s methods as not always helpful. “It is important not to restrict anyone who wants to proclaim the Gospel,however, there are different ways of doing it. It depends on what they are trying to achieve, it appears that whatever their intention, the effect may be counterproductive,” a CofE spokesman told The Pink News, adding that the Church is against any actions which promote homophobia.

This is backed by Jonathan Bartley, Director of Christian policy think-tank Ekklesia, who says The Christian Voice portrays a bad image of the religion. “Christian Voice makes an extremely unhelpful contribution to the public perception of Christianity.

“It portrays the faith as judgmental and bigoted. Many Christians have resolved to affirm their acceptance of lesbian and gay people inside and outside the Church,” he said.

Other forward thinking Christian organisations have also expressed criticism of Mr Green and his followers. Richard Jenkins, from Anglican group Affirming Catholicism, says the controversial group does not represent “proper Christians.”

He told The Pink News: “Mr Green is not the only Christian voice. The Christian instinct of most people is to be open and respectful of other views.”

Reverend Giles Goddard from the modernist Inclusive Church says Mr Green’s views do not properly reflect the gospel

This article first appeared in the November issue of The Pink News which is out now.