BBC3 commissions new teen transexual documentary

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BBC3 has commissioned eight documentaries for its third Body Image season, including the story of an 18-year-old trans woman who travels to Thailand to undergo genital surgery.

BBC3 will follow up last season’s Lucy: Teen Transsexual with Lucy: Teen Transsexual in Thailand, which continues the story of 18-year-old Lucy Parker as she travels to Thailand to undergo male-to-female genital reconstruction surgery to bring her body into harmony with her gender identity.

Lucy has already undergone two years of hormone treatment, psychological analysis and surgery, making her one of Britain’s youngest transsexual women.

The cameras will follow her throughout her surgery in Thailand and painful recovery.

It is one of three documentaries in the season made by UK production company Endemol’s Brighter Pictures.

Brighter Pictures has also made Danny: My Secret Female Body (working title), which follows a 22-year-old female-to-male trans man, Danny, who has lived as a man for the past four years.

The documentary follows him as he gets chest reconstruction surgery to remove his breasts.

In the UK, there is estimated to be around 15,000 transsexual people who self-identify as the opposite gender from the physical body they were born with.

Around a third of them have surgery to change their bodies to be the opposite sex.

Also in the line-up is BBC’s in-house production I’m a Boy Anorexic which follows three boys as they recover from eating disorders at clinic Rhodes Farm and shows what happens as they return to the outside world after treatment finishes.

The BBC has commissioned eight hour-long documentaries for the Body Image season, which begins on the 2nd September on BBC3. Lucy: Teen Transsexual in Thailand is scheduled to be shown at the end of September.