Huckabee victories point to problems for McCain

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He may be the Republican nominee for President in all but name, but results from two primaries over the weekend indicate that it could be a tough battle for Senator John McCain to win over sections of his own party.

In the Kansas caucus former Governor of Arkansas and Baptist minister Mike Huckabee took 60% of the vote to 24% for McCain and 11% for maverick candidate Ron Paul.

Huckabee also took Louisiana and the results from Washington state are still too close to call.

“If you look at where our votes are coming from, it’s clearly from the conservatives,” Governor Huckabee said after this latest string of wins.

“I think that makes sense. I am the most conservative candidate left standing.”

Former Governor of Massachusetts Mitt Romney withdrew from the race last week, leaving the charismatic former minister as the only candidate the Christian Right have left.

However, it is almost certain that Senator McCain will end up with the nomination.

He already has 719 delegates to the Republican convention supporting him – the winner needs 1,191.

Governor Huckabee has 234.

Former White House deputy chief of staff Karl Rove, who devised George W Bush’s successful campaigns for Governor of Texas and President, told FOX News:

“It is impossible for Governor Huckabee to win the nomination.

“He would have to win 83% of the delegates in the contest after Super Tuesday.”

While the Governor had a strong showing last Tuesday, when nearly half the states in the US chose candidates for the party nominations, it is thought likely he will be offered the Vice Presidential spot on a McCain ticket.