Coronation Street: Mercenary Tony threatens Jed

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The only thing missing in Coronation Street this week is a mad cackle of laughter and a thunder clap to accompany mercenary Tony. He’s forcing pensioners from their homes while rubbing his hands with glee. We’ve all heard of cold-hearted business people, but he really takes that concept to a whole new level.

Tony shows he’s not one to trifle with as he callously pressurises Jed to vacate his home by offering him money. However, Jed is not such an easy target and refuses to be moved, but when Tony’s manner becomes threatening he looks genuinely worried. Will Jed cave under the pressure?

Meanwhile, Kevin is less than impressed when he’s called out to assist in a breakdown callout that turns out to be a trick to steal his truck. He’s convinced that Tony lies behind the scheme. Kevin almost comes to blows with Tony over it but the ruthless businessman denies all knowledge. Is Tony telling the truth for once?

Later in the week, Tony pays another visit to Jed and adopts a very menacing manner. As the row intensifies Jed suddenly collapses. Will Tony call for an ambulance or use this as an opportunity to get rid of the old man for good?

Elsewhere, Michelle is looking forward to her trip to Belgium, but Steve is far from happy about it. His feelings are amplified when Liz suggests that Michelle only got back with him so he could babysit while she jets off on holiday. How will Michelle react to these allegations? And with Roy back on the street, could Steve’s dirty little secret be about to get a very public airing?

Meanwhile, there’s further family strife when Chesney causes trouble between Fiz and John. Worried that Fiz is about to let John into her life again, Chesney concocts a half-baked story about John beating him up, when really he got into a scrap in the park. When he tells Fiz she is understandably outraged and goes to give John a piece of her mind and a slap! How bad will Fiz feel when she realises Chesney was lying all along?

It won’t take long to find out. When Kayleigh backs John up Fiz realises that he is telling the truth and is forced to apologise. Feeling foolish, Fiz confronts Chesney who reveals that he was worried she was getting back together with John. Fiz promises she’d never be so stupid as to give him a second chance but it’s clear this promise is going to be hard to keep. When she later takes John for a drink to apologise, the pair start to forget their past. Will John take his chance as Fiz lets her guard down?