Boyzone’s gay love interest is a video first

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Reformed boyband Boyzone have made a small but significant step forward with the release of their latest video.

For the first time, gay band member Stephen Gately is shown with a male love interest.

While the video for Better is significant, pop watchers do not expect it to have a major impact on stars who are in the closet.

“It may be a sign of how far we’ve come since the days when Elton John had to cast a woman as his love interest in the Nikita video, but don’t expect it to be widely emulated,” Caroline Sullivan wrote in The Guardian.

“With less to lose than an ascendant new band, it was easy for Boyzone to do the right thing by Gately. The few other established groups with openly gay members tend to tread lightly around the subject.”

Mr Gately came out in 1999 and ‘married’ his long term partner, Andrew Cowles, in a civil partnership ceremony in London in 2006.

Click here to watch the video.