Coronation Street Spoilers: Steve declares his love for Becky

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The lies that Steve told for Becky to protect her from going to prison start developing into the truth as he has to fight to get to court and testify – as Michelle has other plans for him on the day he is needed.

After a heartfelt character witness and alibi he realises that he genuinely does have feelings for Becky – highlighted again when Jason comes into the Rovers with flowers for her – but even when he declares undying love she gives him a chance to back out. He is determined to split with Michelle, though – until her family’s support make him feel guilty.

Meanwhile Roy and Hayley get back on track after she admits to having had a crush on one of the workers in Africa – and after hearing that folk found it hard not to have her around to tell their troubles to, she considers a new career. But will her background get in the way of her doing a worthwhile job?

Dev is still furious with Amber for spilling the beans to Tara about his affair with Nina so she decides to leave the Street for a while and visit her mother in Finland – leaving behind a jobless and homeless Darryl. He isn’t jobless for long, however, as Dev soon realises that he can’t run the kebab shop without help – so he goes cap in hand to Darryl and Tina who both want improved working conditions to return.

Tina and David are keen to find out if Graeme got rid of the car and are surprised when he says Gary Windass stole it – problem solved. But Gary is annoyed when he realises he has done David a favour. He gets his own back by enlisting Len to sneak into Gail’s house and remove every item of the kitchen. Joe and David step in to help – but it seems that Joe might be having money worries as he is getting calls from a credit card company.

Tony’s surprised and delighted when arrives home unexpectedly but he knows he will now have to come clean about taking the money from the account. Carla rather likes this new vulnerable side to Tony and after he takes her out for a romantic meal she turns the tables on him and proposes.

Deirdre returns home from France and is greeted by Peter and Simon but is surprised when they disappear as soon as Ken arrives. Ken and Blanche fill her in on what has happened whilst she has been away but Deirdre insists they are still going to be part of the boy’s life.

Rosie gets a visit from Carla and Tony and is confident that she has them both in the palm of her hand. Tony can see that Carla has no choice but to agree when Rosie asks for a pay rise and he asks Rosie to man the office when he takes Carla on honeymoon.
Coronation Street Spoilers: Steve declares his love for Becky