Jade Goody attacked over lesbian slurs

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Comedian Amy Lame has branded reality TV star Jade Goody homophobic after she said that lesbians have “really short hair.”

Ms Goody, who is making a documentary about her recent cervical cancer diagnosis, said:

“If you’ve got really short hair, if you’re not an absolutely stunning bird, it’s really hard to pull it off, which is why I struggle.

“And you can take the risk of looking like a lesbian. Mum even told me that and she’s a lesbian.

“I don’t want to be wearing Timberlands, baggy jeans, and a big shirt with short hair or a bald head.”

Ms Goody became a star when she appeared in Big Brother in 2002. She has managed to maintain a TV career since and is a tabloid favourite. She has recently completed her first course of chemotherapy.

Ms Lame, who is a lesbian, told the Daily Mirror:

“Does she really think that’s what all lesbians look like? It’s a completely old-fashioned, clichéd view. Does she really think she can get away with being homophobic like that?

“She’s just managed to offend and insult not just lesbians but any woman with short hair including those who’ve lost their hair from disease, including cancer.

“You’d think she’d have more important things to think about than making a reality TV show and worrying about her hair.”