Denmark parliament approves equal adoption rights

A majority vote in parliament yesterday will see the introduction of a bill giving equal adoption rights for civil partners and straight married couples in Denmark.

The Copenhagen Post reports that the proposal, from Civil Centre Party founder Simon Emil Ammitzbøll, grants partners registered in civil unions the right to adopt unrelated children both domestically and internationally.

Currently, gays and lesbians can adopt individually in the country and couples can adopt their partner’s existing children. The bill will grant same-sex couples the right to adopt jointly, in line with straight married couples.

Other Nordic countries such as Iceland, Norway and Sweden already allow same-sex couples to adopt jointly.

According to figures from 2007, 103 out of 712 step-child adoptions were from couples in civil partnerships.

Most adoptions involving unrelated children tend to take place abroad, making it difficult for Danish same-sex couples to do so, as many countries will not allow homosexual adoption.