Uganda MP says he would kill gay son

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A Ugandan MP provoked shock at a human rights forum in Kampala last week when he said he would kill his son if he discovered he was gay.

Otto Odonga was then criticised by the forum’s keynote speaker, the chair of Kenya’s Human Rights Commission, Makau Mutua.

According to an reporter present at Friday’s meeting, Mr Mutua responded: “I am baffled by the kind of hatred you spew against gay people, including your desire to be a hangman.

“Would you apply to be a hangman if the person to be hanged were your son?”

When Mr Odonga nodded yes, Mr Mutua said: “There is something deeply wrong with you.”

The MP continued: “Human rights are not sacrosanct. Private parts do not belong in the anus. We will not accept this kind of deviant behaviour in our society.”

Another MP present, Christopher Kibanzanga, asked, “Who are bisexuals? What do they do? Has it just been imported into Africa?”

They were speaking at a forum titled Human Rights and Sexual Orientation, which was organised to discuss the country’s current bill on homosexual acts.

The bill recommends the death penalty for some offences and life imprisonment for others.

Although some gay rights activists were reportedly present, none spoke at the event.

The director of a local HIV/AIDS organisation, Rubaramira Ruranga, told the forum that it was incorrect to say anal sex was “un-African”, adding that it was also practiced by heterosexuals.