Australian lesbian couple expecting quintuplets

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A lesbian couple in Australia have revealed that they are expecting quintuplets – against odds of one in 60 million.

Melissa Keevers, 27, and Rosemary Nolan, 21, already have a one-year-old daughter, Lilly, through donor insemination.

Ms Keevers, who gave birth to Lilly, is carrying the five babies, who are said to be above average size for a multiple birth and have strong heartbeats.

Unusually for having quintuplets, she did not have treatment to increase her fertility, making the chances of conceiving five babies one in 60 million.

The couple selected an anonymous sperm donor in the same way as they planned the birth of Lilly.

Speaking to Women’s Day magazine, Ms Keevers said: “It took me a long time to get my head around what was happening. But now I’ve come to terms with it, I’m excited.”

She said she learned she was expecting five babies after she went to the doctor to complain about chronic morning sickness.

“During the scan the doctor asked us if we wanted the news, but as he looked pale, we were worried something was wrong,” she said.

“He then told us he’d found five gestational sacs meaning, if all went well, we’d have five babies. We can’t repeat what we said next.”

Ms Nolan, who is from Ireland, told the magazine that her family had accepted her sexuality but her father had assumed he wouldn’t have any grandchildren.

“So I proved him wrong,” she told the magazine, adding: “Two ladies and six babies!”

The couple now have several months to prepare for the practicalities of having five newborn babies and a toddler and expect to buy a specially-made six-seater pram.

“People don’t know whether to congratulate us or commiserate,” Ms Nolan said. “But we think it’s a miracle, and couldn’t be happier.”