Ugandan opposition leader says he won’t prosecute gays

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The Ugandan opposition leader has reportedly suggested that homosexuality should be decriminalised.

Kizza Besigye, who leads a four-party opposition group, is to challenge President Yoweri Museveni in a vote next month.

During a televised debate, Mr Besigye said that homosexuality had “generated far too much excitement” among current government leaders and that police resources could be better used.

He stressed he was giving his own opinion, rather than speaking for his party, AFP reports.

“This is something that is done in the privacy of people’s rooms, between consenting adults,” he said.

Mr Besigye would not comment on whether he thought homosexuality was immoral.

Homosexuality is illegal in Uganda but a bill has been introduced to punish offenders with stronger sentences or the death penalty in “aggravated” cases.

It is currently on hold but sponsor David Bahati MP says he will push for it to become law.

President Museveni has not given his opinions on the bill but ethics minister James Nsaba Buturo said last January that the leader did not agree with killing gays and lesbians.