Hungary gay groups to protest against new constitution

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Gay rights groups in Hungary are to protest over the country’s new draft constitution, which they say includes a ban on same-sex marriage.

The wording of the draft constitution says that the country protects the institution of marriage “between man and woman”.

Gay rights activists have begun a petition against the constitution and have formed an umbrella movement, the Coalition for Gay Equality (MEGYEK) to hold demonstrations outside parliament.

The draft constitution states that everyone is equal under the law. But unlike gender, race, age and a myriad other characteristics, it does not mention discrimination protections for LGBT people.

It also appears to ban abortion by saying that foetuses will be protected from conception onwards.

Gay campaigners will hold a demonstration on April 15th and say they have collected more than 700 signatures opposing the draft constitution.

The country does not currently recognise gay marriage or allow gay couples to adopt. Since 2002, it has had an equal age of consent and gay people may serve in the military.

This year’s Budapest Pride was almost banned when authorities claimed that it would cause too much traffic disruption. A court overturned the ban after gay groups appealed.