Evan Rachel Wood: ‘No one explains bisexuality to children’

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True Blood actress Evan Rachel Wood has revealed that she was “terrified” of her bisexuality as a child because no one had explained or discussed it with her.

The star, 24, said she did not understand her feelings.

Speaking to Metro, she said: “I grew up being terrified of it and not understanding it. No one explains it to you. It’s something that no one ever discusses.

“So I remember growing up and seeing women and actresses who had come out and were open about it, and it made me feel so much better.”

She added: “I didn’t even know bisexuality was a thing until I heard actress Fairuza Balk talk about it when I was a kid. I was like: ‘Oh my God, you can like both – and that’s OK.’ It was revelation.”

Wood, who previous dated goth-rocker Marilyn Manson, recently described her first relationship with a woman as “wonderful” but admitted she was “intimidated” at first.

She told Marie Claire: “I mean, it was terrifying at first. Not because I thought it was wrong but just because I was intimidated by women. It’s a totally different arena!”