Kelly Clarkson fights off lesbian rumours

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US singer Kelly Clarkson says she still has to deal with rumours about her sexuality.

The star has been single for several years and has blamed “stupid” rumours for putting off potential boyfriends.

Appearing on The View, she said: “People keep saying I’m gay but I’m not.

“I’m pretty sure I’ve never been with a girl! I don’t take any notice of that now and neither do my friends and family. It’s just stupid.”

Clarkson added: “I’ve dated some cool guys. I’ve never met anyone who I’m like, ‘I could spend the rest of my life with you.

“I’m from a small town so, like, everyone’s married with children or about to have children. So it’s a little hard when you go home and people are like — and that’s why people think I’m gay – because they’re like ‘Why aren’t you married?’ And I’m like, ‘it doesn’t happen for everyone right off the bat.”