Ugandan lesbian rugby player granted asylum in Germany

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The former head of Uganda’s female rugby team has been granted asylum in Germany after facing harassment, the country’s DW News reports.

Lilian Ikulmet, who was in charge of the She Cranes, said she had been raped, beaten and discriminated against by men for her sexuality.

Ikulmet, a professional journalist also worked as a writer at the Daily Monitor newspaper in her native Uganda.

She said she now wants to leave the gay hostel where she is hiding at the end of the year and move into an apartment of her own.

Ikulmet also expressed a desire to apply for a visa for her girlfriend, whom she hopes to marry.

Earlier this year, Robert Segwanyi was granted leave to apply to remain in the UK as a result of his treatment in Uganda, following protracted questions over whether he was really gay.

Segwanyi said he was harassed and burnt with molten plastic while in Uganda, and feared he would be killed or jailed on his return to the African state.

The UK Border Authority agreed to reconsider his case at the last minute before his deportation.