Polish journalist says he risks being deported from USA for being bisexual and not gay

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Ivo Widlak, a bisexual Polish investigative journalist has said that he risks being deported from the United States because local immigration officials cannot understand the nature of his marriage to a bisexual woman.

Mr Widlak been married to his bisexual wife for 10 years and lived in the American city of Chicago since 2001.

According to reports, someone in the local Polish community told the Chicago Citizenship and Immigration Services office that Mr Widlak is gay and is pretending to be in a relationship with his wife. Such practices have been common in the United States where federal law does not recognise the validity of same-sex relationships.

However, in September the Obama administration stated that foreigners who are in a same-sex relationship with an American citizen can ben included in a policy suspending the deportations of immigrants who pose no security risk.

The reality claims Mr Widlak’s wife Lale is that the US authorities don’t understand bisexuality.

“Words cannot express how I feel about this case,” she told the Polish language newspaper Super Express. “The fact that I will lose my best friend and husband after 10 years of marriage. A bond we created with God, is being judged and scrutinized because we don’t reflect the 1950’s image of marriage.

“You can’t tell me that our marriage is not consummated because we are bisexual.  When I look at my husband he is not the man I married 10 years ago. This case has rendered a negative impact on our marriage and Ivo. This is is slowly chipping away at his pride, energy, ambition and self-esteem.”

If Ivo was straight he would also be safe, but because he and his wife are both bisexual their marriage, love and ability to live in the US is threatened.