Pam Ann: “Julia Gillard is like a ginger lesbian Harry Potter lookalike”

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Pam Ann, the air hostess alter-ego of Australian comedienne Caroline Reid, has taken time out from jetting across the skies to do a quick Q&A with – and she doesn’t have kind words for Australia’s Prime Minister Julia Gillard.

What’s Pam Ann been up to of late?

I have just got home to NY after touring for 2 months throughout Europe including Warsaw for the first time which was one of my favorite places to perform.

As a native Australian, are you disappointed that the country seems to be finding it difficult to legalise same-sex marriage?

Yes we are so backwards when we are suppose to be the country moving forward hence the kangaroo and emu on our coat of arms which symbolises 2 animals that can’t walk backwards only forwards. Australia needs to catch up to the rest of the world.

Should Julia Gillard consider a new career as a stewardess?

On Ryan Air maybe. With that voice you need ear plugs and she has a face to stop a 747 mid flight. She’s like a ginger lesbian Harry Potter lookalike.

My (friend) told me that he managed to log on to Grindr during a flight – it adds a new dimension to the ‘Mile High Club’ – I’m guessing Pam Ann wouldn’t approve?

I am Grindr

Apparently half of all airline pilots admit to falling asleep at the controls, do you have any suggestions on how they can stay awake?


Does Pam Ann have any New Year’s Resolutions for 2013?

To own an Airbus A380 and to stop trafficking cocaine in 2013

Pam Ann can be found at for her latest tour dates.