Glee creator Ryan Murphy and his husband post photo of their new baby boy

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Ryan Murphy, the creator of high school music drama Glee, and his husband David Miller have published a photograph of their newborn son Logan celebrating the birth of their first son Logan Phines.

Their little boy was born on Christmas Eve and the showbiz couple made the announcement via email to family and friends.

The email included the photograph that the couple have now posted on Twitter.

In an interview with Vogue, Murphy revealed that both he and Miller are especially excited about raising their son because they both had difficult, tumultuous upbringings.

“It’s not a way to heal that, but definitely a way to explore it,” said Murphy.

Meanwhile, Glee actress Lea Michelle has warmly praised the showbiz pair.

“I am incredibly jealous that I am not their daughter, because the Murphy household would be my dream,” she said.

In November, it was revealed that Sir Elton John and his civil partner David Furnish are expecting their second child, thought to be from the same surrogate mother who gave birth to their son Zachary.

He was born on Christmas Day, December 2011