France: A majority of French people would like a referendum on equal marriage

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A new survey has revealed that more than two thirds of French people would like a referendum on marriage equality and adoption rights for same-sex couples.

According to the survey published by online weekly magazine Valeurs actuelles, 69% of French people were in favour of a vote on the issues of marriage and adoption for same-sex couples, reports RFI.

The results went on to say that 86% of supporters of France’s major conservative party, the UMP, were in favour of a referendum.

Out of supporters of the National Front, France’s far-right party, 84% were in favour of a vote, whilst only 55% of left-wing voters wanted to see a decision by referendum.

In early November, French President Francois Hollande’s government approved a bill to legalise equal marriage and allow gay couples to adopt.

In late December thousands of demonstrators took to the streets of Paris, in support of the government’s decision. 

Despite some opposition to the bill, which was brought in by President Hollande’s Socialist government, the party holds a strong majority, and the legislation is expected to pass.

A poll by Le Monde newspaper back in November, showed that 65% of French people supported equal marriage, and 52% of people supported the right of gay couples to adopt.

The government is set to consider the bill later this month, and both supporters and those opposed to the legislation are set to demonstrate later in January.