Topless feminists celebrate the resignation of Pope Bendict XVI in Notre Dame

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Topless members of a Ukrainian feminist group have taken to Paris’s Notre Dame Cathedral in celebration at the announcement of Pope Benedict XVI’s resignation.

Eight members of the feminist group, Femen, demonstrated in the centre of Paris, in celebration that Pope Benedict XVI announced his resignation yesterday.

The members of the group, who have demonstrated for feminist and gay rights against the Pope in the past, shouted: “Pope no more!”, “No more homophobe” and “Bye bye Benedict!”.

One passed by commented: “This is a sacred place, you can’t strip here.”

The group were removed by security at the cathedral, but reportedly remained outside for some time shouting: “in gay we trust” and “Get out homophobe.”

The women’s group, Femen, has been performing topless feminist, pro-democracy and anti-corruption protests in Russia, Ukraine and Britain.

Femen updated its Facebook page to say: “NO MORE POPE!

“FEMEN France sextremists played a funeral march by ringing bells of the citadel of Catholicism Notre Dame de Paris for the Pope. The fight between activists and grieving popephiles and the security took place during the action . The stuff of the museum decided to switch off the light to obstruct the work of journalists.
FEMEN France noted the final hour of the homophobic Pope.

“FEMEN is congratulating the whole progressive world with the resignation of fascist Benedict XVI from the place of the head of the Catholic mafia. It’s symbolic that today is the day of the voting of law of same-sex marriage in France. The ex-Pope was a fierce opponent of gay marriages. FEMEN applaud the complete capitulation of the middle age homophobia! Pope go to the devil! Viva common sense! Viva freedom!”

Their first ever training centre was set up in Paris in September 2012.

The group previously demonstrated topless at St Peter’s Square for gay rights, as Pope Benedict XVI gave his weekly prayer.

Four women from the group stripped off to display the words “Shut up!”, on their fronts, and “in gay we trust” on their backs.

The activists also shouted “Homophobic shut up!”, during the Pope’s weekly Angelus prayer on Sunday. The protest took place by the Christmas tree in the centre of St Peter’s square.

Following the announcement that Pope Benedict XVI, who said gays were “intrinsically disordered”, is to resign at the end of this month PinkNews brought you some of his most anti-gay moments, and some of the best reactions to them.

In a message for World Day of Peace 2013, the Pope described same-sex marriage as a threat to justice and peace, adding that it will spark harm for society.