Turkish trans actor’s mother denies death threat rumours and says family supports him

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The family of a Turkish trans man actor, who recently came out in an interview have denied rumours that he received death threats, and said they fully support his decision for gender reassignment.

Rüzgar Erkoçlar, 26 and formerly known as Nil, is a relatively well-known actor in Turkey, and reflected in interviews on that he never identified as a woman.

Mr Erkoçlar said that from the age of six he never felt that he could identify with his body. He said: “I was not like other girls. I didn’t play with Barbie dolls, but hung out with boys.” He went on to say that he was a boy “only physically,” reports Hurriyet.

His mother, Sema Erkoçlar, said that his family supports every decision he makes, and those close to the family feel the same.

His mother said: “Rüzgar did not do anything bad. We have always supported him. However, some of the news has damaged us a lot. Rüzgar never received death threats. But some people are making that up.”

She went on to say that she hoped the family would be able to find peace, and argued that he would not want to undergo gender reassignment surgery unless he truly identified as a woman. “No one wants to live though the pain,” she said.

“I support freeness in relations. I support my children. I always told them that they can tell us everything. The most important thing is for them not to lie to us. Rüzgar always told me everything,” she continued.

Reagarding the documentary about Rüzgar, titled My Child, Mr Erkoçlar’s mother said, “I watched it while crying a lot. These are the things that we have gone though. In the past, we entered shops to buy male clothes to say we are buying them for Rüzgar’s father. This is something coming from childhood, this is natal,” she said.

“Currently, all the news is being reflected in newspapers because Rüzgar is an actor. I have changed his name on my telephone and am not calling him Nil anymore.”

Sema said that she did question whether or not gender reassignment was sinful, as she is relgious. She said: “I am a believer; I do practice religion also and I know this is natal.”