Australia: Boxer criticised for suggesting people from Aboriginal origin can’t be gay

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A boxer in Australia has found himself at the receiving end of criticism as he made comments on Facebook which suggested that Aboriginal culture and homosexuality are mutually exclusive.

The boxer Anthony Mundine made the comment on Facebook on the ABC series Redfern Now after watching an episode which included a homosexual character.

The first episode of the second series centred around a gay man’s attempts to win custody of his daughter after the death of his partner.

He wrote: “Watching redfern now & they promoting homosexuality! (Like it’s ok in our culture) that ain’t in our culture & our ancestors would have there [sic] head for it! Like my dad told me GOD made ADAM & EVE not Adam & Steve.”

As well as wide criticism, indigenous actor Luke Carroll, who played a character in the series responded to the boxer, saying: “God or Christianity isn’t a part of our Culture either … our Ancestors had dreamtime beliefs!”

Mundine replied: “Luke Carroll yu serious bra? Yu know that shit wouldn’t fly back in the day … your off ya head!

“I got nothing against it cause I got friends family that are but promoting it to the youth & masses isn’t right … but each to there own.”

Representatives from Blackfella Films, which produced the series expressed concerns, with Rachel Perkins saying the views of Mundine were “insulting” and “inappropriate” on the ABC website.

“I’ve known Aboriginal activists throughout the ’60s and ’70s and ’80s and ’90s who fought for the cause of Aboriginal people and they are gay,” she said.

“Saying gay people and Aboriginality don’t go together denies all of the identity of those people. It’s insulting to them – it’s inappropriate that he says that.”