Video: Facebook celebrates gay equality in key events of 2013

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Facebook has released a retrospective video looking at key events over the past year, which includes celebration of various LGBT news events.

The video goes through key events from 2013 including viral online happenings such as a supportive letter sent from a father to his son, who he overheard speaking on the phone about wanting to come out, various same-sex weddings, the demise of DOMA and pride parades.

The Boston Marathon bombing, the typhoon in the Philippines, and the death of Nelson Mandela, and other notable individuals are also mentioned in the video.

The video ends with “regardless of where we are, we are all connected,” and a link to

Facebook in November hosted Europe’s first LGBT hackathon.

The InterTech Diversity Forum, the technology industry’s LGBT support and networking group held its first LGBT themed hackathon at Facebook’s London headquarters on 42 Earlham Street, Covent Garden, London, on 22-23 of November.