Senegal jails men for breaking anti-gay laws, president claims there’s no discrimination

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The President of Senegal says his country is “very tolerant” and “does not discriminate” as two men are jailed for breaking anti-gay laws.

The Associated Press reports the two men admitted to having sex with each other whilst appearing in court last Friday in Dakar, the capital of the West African nation.

Judge Racky Deme sentenced them to six months.

When asked about the case President Macky Sall claimed that Senegal is “a very tolerant country which does not discriminate,” but that they are “still not ready to decriminalise homosexuality.”

“[We] have respect for the rights of homosexuals — but for the time being, we are still not ready to change the law,” he said.

Same-sex sexual activity is banned in Senegal and the maximum custodial sentence is five years imprisonment.