US: Twice-divorced Florida Attorney General defends claim that same-sex marriage will ’cause harm’

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Florida’s Attorney General Pam Bondi, who is married to her third husband, has defended her claim in a legal brief that same-sex marriage will cause ‘harm’.

In her court brief defending the state’s same-sex marriage ban last week, Bondi had written: “The Court should also deny the preliminary injunction motions because (…) disrupting Florida’s existing marriage laws would impose significant public harm”, adding claims that it would cause “significant financial and logistical problems” for state pension and insurance programs.

She has since defended herself from criticism, claiming the brief was “respectful” and not attempting to argue against same-sex marriage itself.

Writing in the Sun Sentinel today, she said: “I take exception to those who have sought to manipulate our brief, trying to make it something it is not.

“The brief does not argue for or against same sex marriage as a matter of policy, wisdom, or fairness.

“Those decisions are for the voters of each state, not for lawyers or courts. It is my duty to protect Florida from the ‘harm’ of a federal injunction overriding the will of Florida voters.

“We are defending this amendment based solely upon judicial precedent and not the personal views of anyone in our office.

“Anything less than the best defence of our voters’ policy preferences would disenfranchise the electorate, undermine the judicial process, and cast aside the professional responsibility that guides me every day as Attorney General.”