Watch what happens when a gay couple are made to leave a restaurant for kissing

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This hidden camera show has explored what happens when a gay couple is abused or asked to leave a restaurant for making a public display of affection – and there is definitely a mixed bag of reactions.

The ABC show ‘What Would You Do’, set up hidden cameras in a restaurant in Mississippi, and asked two actors to portray a gay couple, and another to play a customer upset by them kissing.

Real customers around the restaurant react in very different ways. Some are inspiring, and others are quite shocking.

Members of the public also actively defend another couple, opposite sex, when they are placed in the same situation.

In reality, one gay couple Colin Dewberry and his partner Kelly Williams say they were leaving Big Earl’s restaurant in Pittsburg, Texas last Tuesday morning when the waitress told them: “We don’t serve fags here”.

She added: “Here at Big Earl’s we like for men to act like men and for ladies to act like ladies, so we want you to never return.”

Restaurant owner Earl Cheney defended the decision, saying: “That’s just not appropriate in a family restaurant that has a sign on the front door that we just don’t do that here.”

Reviewers since took to the internet to post steamy reviews of what they got up to on their trip to Big Earl’s.