Italy: Anti-gay mob throw excrement at office of LGBT group

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An LGBT group in southern Rome was reportedly attacked by a homophobic mob on Wednesday night, with excrement hurled at the group’s office.

According to newspaper Corriere della Sera, the offices of Di’Gay Project (DGP) came under attack from the group, whose members aged between 15 and 40.

The group’s office was being used to rehearse for a theatre performance at the time.

The report states that excrement was thrown, while the group shouted threats including “We’ll set you on fire” and “you deserve to die”.

Actress and director Maria Chiara Cucinotta said the group would “not be intimidated” by the attack, and would return to rehearse.

She added: “We don’t have any physical damage, but we do in our hearts.”

Activist Imma Battaglia, the honorary president of DGP, said the attack was part of a trend of homophobic crime, which has to be tackled.

The incident comes three weeks after the city’s pride parade, when tens of thousands of people marched in favour of extending rights to LGBT people.

Italy’s Prime Minister announced earlier this month that the Senate will debate a same-sex civil unions bill in September.

New Centre Right party leader Angelino Alfano said earlier this year that his party would leave the Grand Coalition government if “gay marriage” was introduced, but he is yet to react to the announcement.