Transphobes are doxxing Stardew Valley fans after they asked the game developer for pronouns

A screenshot of the video game Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley players have been targeted with doxxing and abuse for asking the game’s developer to add pronouns.

In October, fans began requesting that developer Eric Barone – aka ConcernedApe – add pronouns to the farm-life sim game, as a way to better represent non-binary players.

A petition was created by fan Atmos Fierce, which has garnered more than 8,600 signatures.

However, the call has resulted in abuse from anti-LGBTQ+ fans of the game, who have targeted streamers and members of the community by either purposefully misgendering them, sending abuse, or doxxing them.

Doxxing refers to the act of sharing private information such as a home address, phone number, or other identifiable details, publicly on the internet.

Transgender streamers appear to be the main target of the abuse, with some users telling them to “be careful” playing Stardew Valley while the controversy continues to rumble on.

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Barone’s silence has been “deafening”, one person claimed.

A screenshot of the video game Stardew Valley.
The game has become the focus of controversy. (YouTube/Chucklefish)

“Transphobes are doxxing and harassing members of your Stardew Valley community simply because they are advocating for a pronoun update,” the user wrote. “It is extremely important for you to speak up for them.”

The lack of response has led some to suggest a boycott of the game until either a statement is made or pronouns are added to the game.

“I truly do not care if ConcernedApe speaks on pronouns in the game any more,” one user said. “I want [him] to condemn the transphobia and violence against the trans members of the community.”

An affiliate for the streaming site, Twitch, said they would not be playing the game any longer because of Barone’s lack of response.

“It does not feel right for me to continue streaming or playing Stardew Valley,” they wrote. “It truly breaks my heart to see the amount of people getting hurt.”

PinkNews has contacted Eric Barone for a comment.