US: Suspected Seattle murderer may have met victims on gay hookup app

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A man suspected of killing two gay men in Seattle may have met his victims on a gay hookup app.

Police in Seattle, Washington have been seeking Ali Muhammed Brown, 30, in connection with the double murder of Ahmed Said, 27, and Dwone Anderson-Young, 23, on June 1.

A friend of the victims told investigators that he believed Said was using hookup apps Grindr or Jack’d on the evening of his death.

Other witnesses report that the victims left a pub with Brown in Said’s car, 17 minutes before they were shot.

The car was found abandoned, with “an exorbitant amount of blood and biological matter” inside.

Police have said they are still investigating the possibility that the murder is a hate crime.

Senior Deputy Prosecutor Wyman Yip wrote: “The evidence from the crime scene, Said’s vehicle, and the autopsies suggest that the victims were essentially executed.”

Seattle Police detective Renee Witt said: “Once we know exactly what the motive was we will consult with our bias crime detective.

“That’s definitely part of our investigation and we will continue investigating that until we exhaust all leads.”

Brown, who is a registered sex offender, could face the death penalty if he is convicted.

He is also wanted in connection with a carjacking and armed robbery in New Jersey, according to detectives.

CCTV footage of the robbery, as well as eye-witness testimonies, match the crime to a man of Brown’s description.