Radio hosts compare ISIS beheadings to same-sex marriage

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Christian radio hosts have compared beheading carried out by ISIS to same-sex marriage.

Vic Eliason of Voice of Christian Youth America and the Liberty Counsel’s Mat Staver made the claim on weekly Christian call-in radio show Cross Talk.

The pair claimed that both both same-sex marriage and ISIS constitute an “attack on the values of America” and a “meltdown of morality”.

Reacting to a recent court ruling in favour of equal marriage, Staver said: “What we’re seeing is the complete abolition of marriage between a man and a woman.

Eliason added:  “People see something they want, they steal it or they kill somebody or behead them.

“Some of this stuff now that’s going on, the beheading, which has become a very sacred thing to the Islamics to behead somebody because that is a special right that is deserved by the infidels.”

Staver continued: “Yeah, that’s exactly right. I think what we’re seeing today is a meltdown of morality.

“That’s certainly what President Obama has been pushing, he is very much pushing a disintegration of Judeo-Christian values not just here in the United States but he’s actively doing that around the country [sic] promoting abortion and same-sex marriage, he’s trying to do that in every way possible across the world.”

Listen to the clip below via Right Wing Watch: