Global Radio: Gender reassignment ‘not suitable’ for on-air discussion

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Radio DJ Stephanie Hirst was told by her employers it was not in her “best interests” to undergo gender confirmation treatment and stay on-air, it’s been revealed.

Ms Hirst came out as transgender last week, receiving widespread praise and admiration.

The DJ hosted a breakfast show on Capital FM Yorkshire and Vinyl Heaven on Gold, but abruptly left the stations in June, without any prior notice.

On Thursday, the BBC revealed a letter addressed to Ms Hirst and signed by the Executive Director of Global Radio, Richard Park.

It states both stations “did not think gender reassignment was suitable or commercially viable content” for shows.

It goes on to say: “We have a responsibility for your well-being, and having considered the matter we are not satisfied that going through this process ‘on air’ is in your best interests.”

The company writes it will continue to provide the DJ with support “in any way we can”.

Numerous sources have told the BBC that Ms Hirst was suspended by bosses at Global Radio when she disclosed that she wanted to be a woman.

It is claimed she was not given the opportunity to have a final show to say goodbye to her fans.

In response, Global Radio said in a statement: “Hirsty made the decision to take time out to focus on the process he was going through.

“We were sad to see Hirsty leave but we were happy to offer him our full support.

“We wish Stephanie all the best in the future. It’s standard practice in radio for presenters to come off air once they’ve made a decision to leave.”

Ms Hirst claims the two parties have come to a suitable agreement. It is believed that she has signed a non-disclosure agreement.

When asked about claims that she was treated wrongly by her former employer, she said: “Everyone was supportive. There is nothing more I can add that can be of use to you.”

More than 26,700 people have joined a Facebook group calling for the return of Ms Hirst to Capital FM Yorkshire.