Gay best friend of ‘White Dee’ to sue NHS over free ‘botched’ nose job

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A Joey Essex wannabe who has spent over £50,000 on botox and plastic surgery, has announced his intention to sue the NHS after receiving a nose job for free.

Sam Barton, who according to the Daily Mail is the best friend of ‘White Dee’, of Channel 4’s Benefits Street, said he hopes to gain £25,000 from suing the NHS, and that he will spend the money on a BMW if he is successful.

Describing the operation, which cost the NHS £5,000, as “botched”, Barton said he had received a lot of negative coverage since his case came to light.

The 22-year-old from Sutton Coldfield in Birmingham, idolises Joey Essex, and other reality TV stars, said: “When I initially had the operation done, I wasn’t really happy with the result. I thought it looked worse. But my family and friends told me it looked fine.

“It doesn’t look fitting to my face, and is uneven. It is too big and looks terrible. The fact that people have made the comments has driven me to sue the NHS. It was pointless having the operation it’s a lot to go through for no reason.”

He said the BMW he would buy with the money would make him feel “much better”.

According to reports, Barton has also applied to have his ears pinned back, and for life-treatment of botox on the NHS.

With a view to turning himself into the “perfect man”, Barton, grandson of Aston Villa’s European Cup winning boss Tony Barton, has spent over £55,000, and has gathered £25,000 in credit card debt.