Bouncer tells ‘gay’ student he should be fed to the dogs

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

A student tried to report an attack that left him with a black eye to a bouncer at a Sheffield club. Instead of helping, he went into a homophobic rant against him.

A bouncer has been suspended for telling a student he thought was gay should be “fed to the dogs” after he was attacked by a member of staff.

Rory Barker claims he was attacked by a member of staff at the Corporation nightclub in Sheffield. The attack left him with a black eye.

He reported the attack to the club’s bouncer who asked him if he was gay, when he denied it the bouncer said “Are you sure? You look like a slimy little gay.”

Rory claimed he had tried to intervene in a fight between friends inside the club and the bouncer inside punched him. He reported the attack to another bouncer who then told his friends he should feed Rory to his dogs.

He told The Tab: “I was too astonished and incredulous to their open homophobic comments to feel angry or embarrassed.”

You can watch a video of the homophobic comments below:

Corporation night club have since suspended the bouncer. A statement was published on their Facebook page which read: “This type of behaviour is totally unacceptable by all here at Corporation. We pride ourselves as a venue that does not discriminate against any group, regardless of creed, colour or orientation.”

South Yorkshire Police have confirmed that they are investigating the incident.