Missouri: Churches threatened with arson for supporting same-sex marriage

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Four Presbyterian churches have received arson threats over their support of same-sex marriage.

Earlier this month, the Presbyterian church, America’s largest protestant denomination, voted to recognise and support same-sex marriages. It was reported this week that four Presbyterian churches have received threatening letters condemning them for this move.

A church in Cape Girardeau recieved a letter that included a Bible verse condemning homosexuality, then continued:

“How can your churches accept this action? How can they turn against Gods word… Get your Bibles pen them to the above chapter. People u had better turn around or your soles are going down…

Any church that accepts this action, should be burned to the ground. Any pastor that performs such marriage should be kicked out of the church forever The above statement could happen to any church that performs this action… You have been warned churches.”

Three other churches – in Minneapolis, Jackson and Perryville – said they had also been sent similar letters. Local police said they were aware, and had stepped up patrols in the area. They urged residents to report any suspicious behaviour.

Local resident Kelli Franklin told KFVS12: “Everybody is going to be different, it’s just the way life is and they need to learn to accept it.  mean it’s just reminds me of a little kid in the store not getting something they want and they throw a fit or they start tearing up stuff. It’s just ridiculous. We all need to grow up and figure it out a different way, we’re adults.”

Missouri struck down its ban on same-sex marriage in November.