Another man accused of being gay has been stoned to death by ISIS

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

Islamic State, also known as ISIS, has released a number of new images purporting to show a man being stoned to death after being suspected of being gay.

The images show a man being led into a field in the town of Homs, Syria, with his hands tied behind his back. As he is told to run into the field, over ten men throw rocks at him from behind, the Mirror reports.

According to reports, a number of residents of the town witnessed the killing.

The militants have released a number of images and videos in the past year showing the brutal killings of men accused of homosexuality.

In February ISIS released extremely graphic images of the execution of a man for being gay. After surviving a seven-storey drop, the man was stoned to death.

Back in January, the extremist group executed two men for being gay. The men were thrown from a tall building. Some of the images were too graphic to display on PinkNews.

ISIS last month released more images of yet another man being thrown from a building for being gay, however the man survives the fall, before being stoned to death.

Scroll below for the image – some may find it extremely disturbing.