UKIP ‘condemns’ fake blog which claims party is ‘100% against the pervert queer vote’

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A fake UKIP blog has taken aim at the gay community, calling gay people “perverts”, and saying it they are “anti-British”.

Claiming to be Ray John from UKIP Norfolk, a made up character, the blog suggests people with same-sex attractions are mentally ill, and says there is “no place” for gay people in UKIP.

Throughout the blog also refers to “Negroes”, and one post is titled: “How do we control the problem of the Negro?”.

The post on gay people in UKIP reads: “I’ve been asked to write on the Queer vote due to the fact that many within the party dislike the fact that perverts and queers are standing alongside us. Indeed, we seem to have a “UKIP LGBT” branch or division for some unknown reason which promotes this vile form of sick degeneracy and perversity.


“My friends from UKIP Norfolk already know my views on this but for my readers, I can categorically say that I am 100% against the pervert queer vote or indeed any form of Queer renegade supporting our UKIP. The fact is this, UKIP is not a party for homosexual degeneracy, we promote White Christian values and align ourselves to the principles of mother nature and her law.”

It continues: “Homosexuality is a perverts game, a game for the mentally ill and the deranged, we feel that this has no place within our party or immediate support base.

“I met a few fanatical queers at the last UKIP conference and told them exactly what I thought about them being present at our conference. Indeed, a few of us tried to stop them from entering but the PC contingent within the party allowed their presence on the basis of “Equality”. The vast majority of people within UKIP want the rancid queer issue dealt with immediately, we want the culprits brought to justice and we want them gone from our party for good!

“UKIP is a Party for the British People, Queers, Paedophiles and other forms of sexual degenerate are not British, they are Anti-British!

“Britain for British! !”


Concluding, it says: “Queers make up a small minority of mentally ill and depraved people living in Britain, we do not need to worry about their vote nor should we care about their wrong and sick, evil plight.”

The username of the administrative account on the WordPress page is ‘Colin Mair PPC’, a genuine UKIP candidate, however the real Colin Mair told PinkNews that he knew nothing about the page and was not involved.

One UKIP spokesman told PinkNews: “The Troll blog, UKIP Voices is vile piece of work. We are talking to the server to get it taken down. We wholeheartedly condemn it, and the sentiments it expresses”.

Suzanne Evans, UKIP’s deputy chairman told PinkNews: “Unfortunately we suffer this kind of ‘passing off’ all the time and it’s especially annoying because although it’s an obvious abuse of our trademark the hosting companies are far too slow to act when we complain.


“Sadly there is a nasty and vituperative group of people – some of whom have received government funds – who circulate rubbish like this as ‘proof’ that UKIP is homophobic, racist, secretly murdering kittens during the full moon or whatever other nonsense they feel like spouting.

“Anyone found to be a genuine member of our party espousing such appalling and hateful views would be expelled immediately. We don’t discriminate against anyone – one reason we think the immigration laws should be changed is because they do discriminate at the moment – and we’re the only party that bans former members of extremist parties such as the BNP or National Front, preventing them joining us.”

Ms Evans urged voters to read UKIP’s manifesto.

While most of the media ignored the UKIP Voices blog, some members of the LGBT media picked it up without realising it is a fake.

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