Watch: Arsenal fans sing along to ‘batty boy’ Ashley Cole song

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A video has surfaced online of a group of Arsenal fans dancing to a song which calls Chelsea player Ashley Cole a “batty boy”.

The video was published to Twitter, and was taken at the Green Man Pub in Wembley ahead of Saturday’s FA Cup semifinal between Arsenal and Reading.

It shows a large number of Arsenal fans dancing to the song, set to the tune of Lily Allen’s ‘Smile’, but with the lyrics “Ashley Cole is a Chelsea batty boy.”

The video, according to the Who Ate All The Pies website, shows Arsenal fans’ band ‘The Away Boyz’ singing about Ashley Cole, who left Arsenal in 2006.

One commenter on the site wrote: “Grow up mate will ya. A few football fans on the drink having a bit of banter at the expense of a horrible little cu*t. I suppose you would lock em up and throw away the key. Its toss pots like you who are embarrassing themselves.”

Watch it below