Tory Vice Chair Mike Freer retains seat amid Labour ‘outing’ allegations

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Openly gay Conservative Vice Chair Mike Freer has been re-elected as an MP – amid claims that Labour canvassers were telling religious voters about his sexuality.

Mr Freer, who is married to his partner of 23 years, Angelo Crolla, is running a closely-fought race against Sarah Sackman in Finchley and Golders Green – which has the highest concentration of Jewish voters in the country.

The Conservative politician, who is a strong supporter of equality and gay rights, claimed to PinkNews this week that a number of strongly religious voters have said that Labour activists have been telling them about his sexuality.

Despite the allegations, he won the seat with 25,835 votes, ahead of Ms Sackman on 20,173 votes. The politician increased his votecount from his election in 2010 – when he won 21,688 (46%), ahead of Labour on 15,879 (33.7%).

Mr Freer said previously: “Some of my Orthodox Jewish councillors were out knocking on doors – and three residents also mentioned that had had Labour round, and it had been brought up,  and they could no longer support me because I was gay.

“If it’s true, it’s appalling. It’s a sign of desperation.”

Sarah Sackman, Labour candidate for Finchley & Golders Green, told PinkNews: “Homophobia has no place in our society or in an election. I publicly support equal marriage and LGBT rights.

“If Mike Freer has any evidence supporting the statement he made to PinkNews he should refer it to the police. That is the proper way to deal with this.”

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Tory Vice Chair Mike Freer retains seat amid Labour ‘outing’ allegations