George W Bush offered to perform a lesbian wedding despite opposing equality

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George W Bush reportedly offered to marry a lesbian couple – despite strongly opposing same-sex marriage.

The former Republican President staunchly opposed same-sex marriage during his time in office – even putting the case for a stronger ban in his 2004 State of the Union address, when he claimed: “Our Nation must defend the sanctity of marriage.”

This month reports have emerged that Mr Bush might have forgotten how strongly he fought against gay weddings – by offering to perform one.

The former President made headlines in 2013 when he attended the wedding of Maine couple Bonnie Clement and Helen Thorgalsen – but a profile of the Bushes in the Boston Globe reveals he initially planned to take a bigger role.

The President reportedly “offered to perform the ceremony”, but was forced to take a back seat due to a “scheduling conflict”.

The couple refused to comment to the Washingon Blade, saying: “There’s no story there. There’s nothing to tell. Please just leave me alone.”

Despite Mr Bush publicly maintaining his stance on same-sex marriage, his wife and daughter have backed equality.

Laura Bush announced in 2010 that she supports same-sex marriage and believes abortion should remain legal – while their daughter Barbara Bush recorded a video expressing her support in 2011.

However, the former President’s younger brother Jeb Bush – who is himself running for the Republican nomination for his White House bid – has repeatedly stated his opposition.

In a bid to shore up support from conservatives, Jeb Bush appointed an anti-gay activist to his campaign team, and has claimed Christian business owners should be allowed to discriminate against gay couples.