UKIP is not run like North Korea, MEP insists

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A UKIP MEP has insisted her party is not “run like North Korea” – dismissing criticism of Nigel Farage.

The UK Independence Party has been rife with internal feuding following the un-resignation of Mr Farage, who initially stepped down following the General Election before returning days later.

Speaking to Radio 4’s Westminster Hour, MEP Louise Bours insisted that Mr Farage is not a “divisive” figure – and blamed the media for reporting on the feuds.

She said: “Absolutely not… I do not think [Farage] is perceived as divisive figure. I think the media would like to stimulate that and give it legs to run and run and run.

“You know what, we all disagree with Nigel. We have lots of internal debates about everything. I have disagreed with Nigel about many things that have been reported in the press.

“You know what, you don’t get frozen out. We’re not North Korea.”

Mr Farage was reported to have carried out a ‘purge’ of high-ranking advisers following the election – while Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un is renowned for having executed a number of his top officials.

The pair have both made controversial claims about HIV – with Farage claiming that the NHS is “incapable” of treating Britons with HIV, while North Korea recently claimed Kim Jong-un had cured it.