Daily Mail columnist Richard Littlejohn is baffled by sex toy flag

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Richard Littlejohn has weighed in about the sex toy flag seen at Pride in London.

Mr Littlejohn, who is obviously a PinkNews reader, detailed the story of the CNN reporter who mistook a flag with silhouettes of sex toys for an ISIS flag.

In his Daily Mail column, he says: “As the Pink News[sic] helpfully explained: ‘Unfortunately for Lucy Pawle, the flag shown to shocked viewers across the world was in fact a celebration of anal sex toys.’

“So that’s all right, then.”
He went on to make a good show of confusion while describing “a number of sex aids, mostly shaped like cruise missiles, although one seemed to bear a striking resemblance to the Starship Enterprise — presumably, to boldly go…”

The flag bearer, Paul Coombs, has since come forward to declare it as “the flag of ‘Dildosis’, a conceptual organisation he has set up as a counterpoint to ISIS, established for the advancement of an ecstatic state”

Daily Mail columnist Richard Littlejohn is baffled by sex toy flag

He said he has considered not flying the flag due to the shooting the day before in Tunisia, however: “cancelling would have made a distinction between western victims of ISIS and those in other parts of the world who are being slaughtered daily.”

Mr Littlejohn appears not to share his opinion, writing: “It wasn’t big, it wasn’t funny and it wasn’t clever. It was madness.

“Did the wag responsible for the flag stop to consider that it might cause genuine offence to the British relatives of those murdered by ISIS?

“I doubt it occurred to him for an instant. Like just about everybody else these days, he thinks he’s starring in his own movie.”

He went on: “To many deeply religious people, the rainbow flag is a symbol of bigotry, intolerance and persecution. While we are all compelled to ‘celebrate diversity’, that doesn’t apply to sincerely-held Christian beliefs.

“Hate-filled homosexual zealots have deliberately targeted Christian bakers, hoteliers and registrars for prosecution under so-called ‘equality’ laws.

“Needless to say, it’s only Christians they single out for boycott and legal actions. They lack the courage to tackle mosques and Muslim-owned businesses. Waving a mock Isis flag is about as brave as it gets.”

He continued: “Having won all the big battles, you might have thought the ayatollahs of homosexuality would relax and show some magnanimity.

“It’s time the noisy, self-obsessed — and largely publicly-funded — professional gay lobby grew up and shut up. ”

His views echo those of US right-wingers who compared the rainbow flag to that of the Confederate flag in the wake of a racist mass shooting in Charleston, North Carolina.