Mother of Mean Girls star takes on trolls who think he’s too gay to function

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The mother of former Mean Girls actor Daniel Franzese has hit out at homophobic internet commenters.

Franzese appeared in the 2004 cult film as Damien – and in recent years has attracted a large following online.

The 37-year-old star came out last year in a letter to his former character, writing that he was “terrified” to play a gay teen before accepting his own sexuality.

He later recorded a viral parody of a Sam Smith song, racking up over 1 million views with a ballad about trying to get a gay one-night-stand to leave.

In a new YouTube video, the actor speaks to his mother – who is upset about some of the hateful comments that people have left online following the Supreme Court

Denise Franzese says: “I’m really upset. I was talking to Danny, my son. I’ve seen on Facebook, people writing that people who are gay are going to go to hell.

“That’s not true. That is so not true. Bad people go to hell, not good

“Back in the day they took mentally challenged people and they burnt them to the stake because they thought they had demons in them.”

She says she plans to take to Facebook and personally tell off the trolls, saying: “They point their fingers at the gay people… I’m proud to be a mother of my son who’s gay. I’m just so angry at so many stupid people.

“Don’t believe the stupid s**t that’s out there. You’re born this way, be proud of who you are.”

Blinking back tears, she says: “I know my son’s not going to hell. My son is a good man.

“My son and his partner, they’re going to heaven.”