Mission accomplished! Freedom to Marry is closing down

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Same-sex marriage advocacy group Freedom to Marry is to close down – after victory securing marriage equality in all 50 states.

The pro-LGBT group has worked tirelessly and single-mindedly since 2003 to secure equal marriage rights for same-sex couples.

After the Supreme Court ruled last month that same-sex marriage is a constitutional right, the group’s primary aim has been achieved – and it will now shutter its doors.

Speaking at a victory party last week, the group’s founder Evan Wolfson has confirmed that it will now close its doors, saying: “We achieved the goal we set out to do”.

Rather than expand the group’s remit beyond the issue of equal marriage in the US, and becoming “an organization that flails around and figures out what to do next”, he said the team would disband and transition to other “good-guy causes” away from the fight for marriage.

Speaking to the Wall Street Journal, Mr Wolfson confirmed that the majority of the group’s 30 staff will be gone by December – with the group shuttering entirely by February.

It will dedicate the remainder of its time  to winding down the operation, and making sure records are properly stored and archived for historic value.

The group released a video this week celebrating its years of activism.

However, though the group is confident that marriage equality is secure, desperate anti-gay group the National Organisation for Marriage insists it will continue to fight to void same-sex weddings.

NOM President Brian Brown claimed: “If I were Evan Wolfson, I would redouble my effort.”

Also this week, the head of pro-LGBT group Lambda Legal, which successfully litigated for same-sex marriage, also announced he would retire following the ruling.