CK ad featuring gay couple takes over New York Billboard

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

Calvin Klein’s recent ad campaign featuring a same-sex couple has been put up at one of New York’s busiest intersections.

For the first time in brand’s history, Calvin Klein featured multiple polysexual couples in their adverts. Now the adverts have been featured on one of the largest billboard in New York City.

The Calvin Klein ad space previously featured Justin Bieber.

The advert that features models Reid Rohling and Ethan James Green suggesting that they’re about to have sex, can now be found at the corner of Houston Street and Lafayette Street.


“Calvin Klein Jeans has a long history of combining sexual energy with cultural relevance,” said Melisa Goldie, chief marketing officer at Calvin Klein, Inc.

“Through this campaign, we’re creating an emotional connection with today’s technology driven generation, highlighting the new normal channel for modern meet-ups.”

According to a press release, the Mario Sorrenti-shot images are a “sociological experiment turned fashion campaign,” and provide “an editorial narrative of how a modern generation uniquely approaches sexual connection in a digital world.”