You have to see Lea DeLaria’s moving video about her body and sexuality

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Orange is the New Black star Lea DeLaria has spoken brokenly honestly about her body and upbringing.

She joined YouTube’s StyleLikeU to tell her empowering journey of self-acceptance – from Catholic school to stand-up comedy.

DeLaria has no shame when it comes to her sexuality especially when it comes to being butch: “My entire life has been trying to put a positive spin on what it is to be butch.”

The video is part of The What’s Underneath Project series of videos.

Throughout the clip, the comic and actress slowly strips down to her boxers and sports bra as she talks about body image, self assurance and being a proud gay butch woman in the LGBT community.

DeLaria spoke about how her sexuality has always been a known fact: “I started doing stand-up comedy in 1982, performing as the ‘F**king Dyke’”.

“I’ve always been moderately famous – I used to say, for me it’s a long climb to the middle.” she added.

Continuing onto stereotypes within the LGBT community she commented on how: “Nelly fags and butch dykes are very much looked down on – and treated as second class citizens.”

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She goes onto talking about growing up in a Catholic family: “I hated myself for not being normal.”

“I was cowering in the closet, terrified that someone would know my dirty little secret” the comic explains before going onto discussing how she didn’t come out to her parents until she was 28.

Not only does the Orange Is The New Black star talk about sexuality but also body image.

“I’m a proud fat woman. Period.”

She quips: “I read fat is a feminist issue – got bored halfway through and ate it!”

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