Sitcom star Rebecca Root says trans actors should play trans roles

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The trans star of a new BBC sitcom also revealed she was offered a headline role in a top TV show twelve years ago – but it was later scrapped.

Boy Meets Girl star Rebecca Root was hired by casting directors on the hit medical drama Casualty.

She was set to play a trans woman who wanted a child with her male partner – but her big break never made it to screen.

Show bosses – worried about how viewers may react – took the decision to rewrite the part to feature an infertile cisgender woman instead.

In an interview in the new issue of Radio Times, the actress says that she was “devastated’ after her 2003 storyline was axed.

“I’d hoped it would be my breakthrough,” she says.

“The producers promised they’d make it up to me. Well, I’m still waiting!”

Now – after playing the role of 40-year-old trans woman who dates a younger man – things are looking up for Ms Root.

She has just filmed a part in the new trans film The Danish Girl, opposite Eddie Redmayne.

The actress had nothing but praise for the Oscar winning actor – who plays Lili Elbe in the film – saying is “a very genuine, sincere, honest, truthful actor.”

“He’s a lovely, lovely person and always makes time for you and connects with you. And he looked beautiful. Really beautiful.”

However, Root hopes Redmayne’s portrayal is one of the “last big, high-profile trans part” to be played by a cisgender actor.

“Now there are more trans people coming through the ranks, it’s only fair we get the opportunity to play those parts.”

Boy Meets Girl was commissioned last year, following a talent search aiming to develop a show focussed on the trans community.

The show – which has been compared to Gavin and Stacey – focuses on the developing relationship between a 40-year-old trans woman Judy, and 26-year-old Leo.

Watch the full trailer below.