Facebook really couldn’t believe what this man changed his name to

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A man who changed his name to something quite special is at war with Facebook as his account keeps getting blocked.

The social networking site keeps blocking the account of the man, who changed his name by deed pole to ‘Something Long and Complicated’.

This comes months after Facebook faced protests as it banned LGBT rights activists, drag queens and non-gender conforming people for not using their legal names.Something2

The 30-year-old feared that he would lose photos, including those from his wedding, when Facebook blocked his account.


According to Mr Complicated, admins at Facebook refused to accept photographs of official documents including his driving licence an passport.

Speaking to Mirror Online, he said: “I have had the account for eight years and they have shut it down before but this time they are not reactivating it.

“Usually it is sorted out pretty quickly but it has been three days now.

“I have sent in all the documentation they have asked for to prove my identity but the account still hasn’t been reactivated.”

Going on, he said although his account had been blocked several times, when Facebook stopped responding, he feared his account had been permanently closed.


He posted on Facebook simply: “I’m back”, announcing that Facebook reversed its decision.

Mr Complicated, previously known as William Wood, changed his name in 2007.

Facebook went to war when it banned hundreds of drag artists from the website last summer for not using their legal names on their profiles – which was later revealed to be the work of one user submitting a vast number of malicious reports.

The company promised to alter the ‘real name’ policy to allow drag artists to use their chosen names if they prefer – but no changes were ever made, and the network still regularly faces criticism for banning people over their choice of name.

More than 26 million Facebook users earlier this year applied a rainbow filter to their profile picture – with countless brands, politicians and celebrities also taking part, gathering over 500,000,000 comments.